- Your Turkpin member information and passwords are private to you. Do not share this information. 

Facebook,Instagram and twiter gb), phone and live support from you do not ask for any personal information from the Turkpin company. the company does not ask for any personal information from social media media(facebook, twiter and instagram gb). Anyone who asks you for this information is definitely someone who's trying to con you. Do not share any information.

- Turkpin does not send messages such as money cashing, cash payment process is not done on the site, you have won a gift. Don't believe anyone who tells you that.

- Do not believe messages such as SMS password, security code, shopping voucher that come to your phone without your knowledge and Share this information with anyone. 

Facebook, instagram, and other places to contact you, even if you are your best friend never share your information. Your friend's social account may have been stolen and someone may be tricking you. 

- Turkpin live support our whastapp line is active 7-24. If any of the above suspicious transactions occur to you, do not give your consent without receiving information from us.

- Whastapp line: 0850 303 33 03

Best regards...