About Fraud...

18.07.2020 13:56
One type of fraud that has taken high hits in recent days is the case of turning mobile payment into cash

Dozens of sites come out when these scammers write mobile payment cash at google 
facebook, instagram and a lot of messaging apps via their social media accounts,
in fact, youtube has taken the money to do this job, as if there are people who share sample videos to lure people into the trap by making them believe.

and while we're doing these scams, www.turkpin.com they hide themselves using u

Turkipin online game is a site that sells epinins and delivers them instantly, there is no time to stop the process afterwards as these deliveries are delivered via cargo and not from the screen. The purchased product is delivered to the customer immediately.

Many instant delivery sales sites are not exposed to this fraud but can be solved by taking notice of the warning messages sent with the awareness of the payer, otherwise it is not possible to prevent the work done by two people in agreement.

If you encounter a payment confirmation message from our site, call the customer service number that appears in the message. We do not have a service on our site other than the sale of Game License Code ( E-pin).