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Over 500,000 followers:

- It should be known by everyone that he received a salary from Turkpin and worked for the interests of Turkpin
- Turkpin should increase customer sales, announce campaigns, sincerely recommend our site should attract customers
- Not use any other sites' services

Note: Numbers like monthly video and live broadcast will be determined depending on the agreement.

Our publishers with 100.000- 500.000 followers

- Sales links on Turkpin Logo videos should also be in descriptions
- Turkpin promotions and announcements, 5 hours per month video should also be shot and broadcast on turkpin channel

Note: All payments to the account can be used by the publisher, can be taken to the bank without charge.


Publishers with less than 100,000 followers can only earn via the affiliate system.

Payment Periods:

The progress of the month is done in the first week of the following month.

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Our site has the necessary infrastructure for online site owners to connect to our site with api and sell the products to their customers instantly.


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