Cancellation and Refund Agreement

Returns - Cancellation Conditions

If the product you want to purchase is out of stock, to purchase the payment channel while loading the balance you have deposited on the site. For example, with the EFT / Money Transfer transaction, the balance is loaded and the money refund is a type of bank. The refund of the balance loading transactions made by credit card is made back to the credit card. However, it is not possible to refund any of the payments with mobile payment.
It is not possible to buy steam gift products digital content for products purchased from our site, or refund money.
You can send your return requests via our live support line or through
Cancellation and Refund Conditions
Refusal to accept products and single products, copyable games, software, digitally delivered products and programs with which the place will be compared in the Turkpin User Agreement. Apart from that, for your return requests, when you want the purchase to be delivered, the way you need to follow and what you need to know are as follows:
Responsibility responsibility belongs to our company. The necessary controls will be provided for the return or replacement of the specified product.

Inspection of the product is handled by our "return unit" before we approve your return. Products that are found to be problematic are tested as necessary and given upon return.
Misrepresented Products:
In the case of incorrect or incomplete information entered in user products, Turkpin site will receive an unconditional return of the product or deliver the desired product. The price differences that may arise are covered by Turkpin. When sufficient and correct information is given to the user, the person who was given incorrectly cannot receive a special refund and Turkpin does not accept any responsibility. Used products, activated codes and delivered game coins are not accepted. The customer is obliged to return the test results with their lifetime and the operating price.
Products not in the Scope of Return:
Specially for certain days such as game launches, New Year's discounts, seasonal campaigns, the products that are offered for sale and / are offered for sale and / his / her personal user manual, which cannot be returned and whose expiry date have passed, are purchased as a pre-order products cannot be refunded.