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Wolf Team is a 3D lobby-based tactical FPS with a unique spin on the genre – players can transform into werewolves and perform powerful melee attacks.

Wolf Team is a tactical lobby-based FPS that's similar to games like BlackShot, CrossFire, and Combat Arms, but with a twist – players can transform into werewolves. Upon transformation, players gain much more mobility, bonus health, and a powerful melee attack, but lose the ability to use their guns. Players can transform back and forth at will, and this dynamic creates a unique gameplay experience unlike any other in the Korean MMOFPS genre. Wolf Team is essentially a mix of traditional tactical shooter gameplay with a unique transformation system that makes gameplay more varied and deep.

Wolf Team Key Features:

Unique Transformation Element – mix of tactical FPS gameplay with werewolf transformation that grants bonus health, movement, and melee damage.
Variety of Weapons – over 40 weapons, most of which can be upgraded up 4 times for increased stats.
Tons of Different Maps and Modes – 39+ maps and 5+ game modes (Death Match, Conquest, Ice Hold, Destruction, and Wolf Hunt).
Customize Your Game – game modes can be further customized: Pistol Only, Sniper Only, Wolf Only, No Wolf transformation, etc.
8 Different Wolf Mutations – wolves can be customized with Tattoos for bonus stats. 8 Different Wolf mutations keeps things varied.


Wolfteam Online Oyunu - Ücretsiz (MMOFPS) Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter Oyunu. F2P Ücretsiz İndirilen Wolfteam FPS Oyunu