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World of Warcraft, WoW for short, is a 3D fantasy themed MMORPG set in the Warcraft universe. World of Warcraft is widely considered the "gold standard" of the entire MMO genre and, despite the fact that the game was launched back in 2004, it remains one of the most played MMORPGs in the world.

World of Warcraft is widely considered the gold standard of the entire MMORPG genre. The game offers players a complete experience from beginning to end with well written quest lines, responsive combat, an enormous game world to explore, end game raiding, and much more. The game was originally launched back in 2004, but since its original release, the game has enjoyed numerous expansion packs, each of which introduced a lot of new content to the game and continued to raise the level cap. Those looking for a solid fantasy MMORPG experience should give World of Warcraft a chance. The game even has an unlimited free trial with a level 20 level cap.

World of Warcraft Key Features:

Enormous Game World – with thousands of well-written quests.

Great Variety of Classes and Races – twelve playable classes and fourteen races (+6 additional Allied Races).

Economy and Crafting – solid crafting system with a vibrant player economy.

Extremely Polished Game with Solid Production Value – great music, art, lore, interface, and more.

Varied PvP Options – Arenas, World PvP, Battlegrounds, and Duels.

Collectibles – tons of collectible mounts, titles, achievements, and more. Gives the game a lot of replay/completionist value.