Product Unit Price Quantity Price
5.000 Rakion Nakit  

11.80 TL 0.00 TL
10.000 Rakion Nakit  

23.60 TL 0.00 TL
15.000 Rakion Nakit 

35.40 TL 0.00 TL
25.000 Rakion Nakit 

59.00 TL 0.00 TL
40.000 Rakion Nakit  

94.40 TL 0.00 TL
50.000 Rakion Nakit 

118.00 TL 0.00 TL

Rise as a champion against the evil Cane in Softnyx's free-to-play MMO Rakion. Fight in a  fantastical 3D world in real-time, summoning creatures called Cells to fight alongside you.

Rakion is a free-to-play 3D fantasy MMO originally developed by NetCraft. The game is now maintained and published by the South Korean gaming company Softnyx, known for Gunbound. Create a character as a one of five different classes, featuring RPG-like elements such as leveling up and learning skills. Choose from seven different game modes, six of which are PvP, to test your skills and establish dominance. Certain game modes enable "chaos mode," where obtaining a certain number of kills in a battle allows characters to evolve/transform for a limited time. Battle in real-time and mash out combos, chaining attacks and abilities. Gain equipment to boost stats through real-world cash or through in-game currency. Rakion features a creature summoning system, called Cells, that can be leveled and are usually limited to 3 creatures per battle.

Rakion Key Features:

Summon Cells – Cells are creatures that can be summoned in a battle, providing support and additional damage. Cells can leveled up and grow stronger as you progress.
Various Game Modes – choose from the usual Team Deathmatch to unique modes like Boss War, where a randomly selected player on each team must be "killed/protected."
RPG Leveling Elements – gain experience through each battle, leveling up your character and the number of Cells that can be summoned.
Real-Time Battle – defeat enemies by pulling off flawless combos in real-time.
Free-to-Play – there are no fees attached to play, and lots of gear in-game can be bought with farmable currency. Some gear is limited to premium currency.


10.000 Joypara    5.000 Rakion Nakit     10,00
20.000 Joypara    10.000 Rakion Nakit     20,00
30.000 Joypara    15.000 Rakion Nakit     30,00
50.000 Joypara    25.000 Rakion Nakit     50,00
80.000 Joypara    40.000 Rakion Nakit     80,00
100.000 Joypara    50.000 Rakion Nakit     100,00