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The online MMOFPS game Point Blank is played by more than 130 million players in more than 10 countries worldwide.

In 2010, Point Blank met first with Turkish FPS game lovers and then with players from Azerbaijan and Arab countries, and continues to offer speed, action and tactics, rich equipment and game modes together fluently to game lovers for 10 years. Point Blank continues to be one of the leading games of esporun in our country and in the world with its active espor history exceeding 8 years. 

The Point Blank season tournaments (PBST), which take place every year with the participation of professional teams from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Arab countries, offer teams the right to participate in the PBWC and Pbic world championships as well as prize money and represent their countries.

How to install Point Blank TG?

First, login to Point blank's site with your username and password.

1-Click TG upload on the left

2-Click on the e-pin code tab from the drop-down Page.

3) the product code and password you received from us in the small window that opens the complete code in the box and click Send.