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OGame is a text-based space simulation strategy MMO that has been online for over fifteen years. Players start at a random point in a galaxy and build their empire through money management and researching technologies.

OGame is a text-based space simulation strategy MMO available for internet browser. Its gameplay is similar to Eve Online but it lacks three-dimensional visuals and focuses primarily as a text-based game. Players begin with a single barren planet, balancing resource production and constructing new buildings to support a growing fleet, eventually colonizing further planets in the galaxy to create their own empire. Three main resources must be collected to build ships and buildings: Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium. To secure materials, join an alliance with other players and raid enemies for resources or promote free trade amongst members.

OGame Key Features:

Text-Based Gameplay – can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection on most devices.

Highly Strategic Resource Management – one of the first major browser based strategy games.

Buildings and Research – huge array of buildings and research to construct and utilize.

Alliances – form alliances with other players to organize group attacks.

Resources – gather Metal, Crystal, and Deuterium to build ships and buildings.



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