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Metin2 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG where players choose from one of five classes and join one of three kingdoms to fight for dominance on a sprawling continent. Fight legions of mobs, complete quests, and duel other players with an active combat system.

Metin2 is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Ymir Entertainment and originally released in Korea in 2004. The world is joined as one continent where three factions war for supremacy. Choose from one of five classes and swear your alliegence to one of the three nations, fighting other players for control of the sprawling landscape. Each class, minus the Lycan, can specialize in one of two subclasses, further refining your play style. Engage enemy player in open world PvP, challenge friends to a duel, or choose to display your willingness to fight to anyone in the world. A dynamic combat system lets players choose between a traditional mouse configuration or actively take part in combat by moving around enemies, actively controlling attacks.

Metin2 Key Features:

Five classes - players can choose between Warrior, Shaman, Ninja, Sura, or Lycan and specialize in a subclass.

Numerous PvP Options - fight for your kingdom by beating rival nation’s players, participate in duels, or roam the world and fight any challenger.

Low System Requirements - Metin2 should run on any modern computer, making it accessible to a wide audience around the world.

Dynamic Fighting System - Engage enemies using traditional point-and-click attacks or actively participate in combat using a hack and slash system.

Grind To The Top - leveling captures the old school grind of classic games; kill endless mobs to level.


EasyMetin2 Agents :

There is indeed unhealthy and vicious competition about reduce the price of EasyMetin2 cards personally between our agents .This situation is unhealthy and break the balance of EasyMetin market. The most improtant ,that is not allowed to happen by EasyMetin2 Team .
First of all ,all the agents who reduce the price of EasyMetin2 cards personally ,make the price not lower than 80% of the official retail price as soon as possible !

Second, EasyMetin2 Team will check and confirm the price of the EasyMetin2 cards in agent's web and custorm service irregulaerly .If the agent reduce the price of EasyMetin2 cards personally again,EasyMetin2 Team will rise in wholesale price of that agent as punishment .

Third ,if EasyMetin2 Team find that agent reduce the price again after the punishment of rise in price ,we will cancel that agent and delete in our agent page ,block all the cards which belong to that agent .

Fourth,in order to standardize market and agent order ,the new agent system is now in full operation .The more details as follow:

(1)There are 2 different kind of agent : top_agent and sub agent .
(2)Top_agent must buy more than 300 cards (include 300) every month .
(3)Top_agent will get especial discount from Easymetin2 Team.
(4)Only top_agent can get cards from Easymetin2 Team.
(5)The ppl who can not buy more than 300 cards (include 300) every month are our sub_agent .
(6)Sub_agent get the discount and cards from top_agent ,not from Easymetin2 Team any more.
(7)Top_agents have rights to decide the wholesale price to sub_agent,they also have rights to discuss with each other to adjust the retail price,only if the price spread is not far from offical retail price.
(8)As top_agent, you must do payment firstly before you get packs.

Thank you

Easymetin2 Team


1.From September,2011, we will begin to count the sum of packs which every agent buys from us, after this month, we will only keep three top_agents in Turkey whose sales volume is biggest.
2.In September, all agents have right to check the price of other agent, and report to us. We also will send 1day cards to every agent, the rate is five 30days card (or ten 14days card) to one 1day card.
3.Retail price must not be lower than 80% of retail price.

Thank you


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