Product Unit Price Quantity Price
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87.00 TL 0.00 TL
130.00 TL 0.00 TL
173.00 TL 0.00 TL
216.00 TL 0.00 TL
259.00 TL 0.00 TL
345.00 TL 0.00 TL
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Knight Online (aka USKO) is an old school point-and-click fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Carnac with two warring nations, El Morad and Karus. The game has a huge playerbase and an emphasis on PvP. Knight Online is an older fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Carnac where two kingdoms, the El Moard (Humans) and Karus (Orcs), constantly wage war. Players are limited to one faction per server and each faction has their own set of races and a shared pool of classes. Knight Online was one of the first incredibly popular free-to-play MMORPGs and has since maintained its strong position in the market. The game has an enormous playerbase across nearly a dozen servers, all of which are packed with players. Players start by selecting from one of five playable classes and move into a more advanced job upon reaching Level 10. A second job advancement is available at Level 60. The game has a lot of PvE content, but PvP is the main draw. Knight Online Key Features: Class and Race variety – play as one of six classes (Warrior, Rogue, Magician, Priest, Kurian, and Portu). Job advancements at Levels 10 and 60. PvP-Focused Gameplay – strong emphasis on PvP with Duels, Lunar Wars, Castle Sieges, and Battlefields. PvP Rewards – players earn National Points and Leader Points for participating in PvP. Top players each month are rewarded premium currency. Huge Playerbase – despite its age, Knight Online has numerous servers, all of which are packed with players. Extensive Item Upgrading - equipment can be upgraded to enhance stats.


ESN Kodu (Electronic Serial Number) Nasıl Yüklenir?

ESN Kodlarını yüklemek için 2 farklı farklı yöntem vardır.

Yöntem #1
Web Sitesinden Yükleme ( ’dan )

Adım 1: adresine girerek, giriş yapmalısın.
Adım 2: Üst bölümde bulunan "NPOINTS" sekmesine tıklayarak "NPoinst Yükleyin" alanına gelmelisin.
Adım 3: "NPoints Yükleyin" alanında bulunan ESN seçeneğini işaretlemelisin.
Adım 4: Turkpinden Satın almış olduğun ESN Kodunu buraya girmelisin. Hatalı kod yazımını önlemek için kopyala-yapıştır yapmanı öneririz.

Yöntem #2: Oyun İçinden Yükleme (Knight Online Oyun İçi)

Adım 1: Knight Online oyununa giriş yapmalısın.
Adım 2: Power Up Store’a ulaşmak için sol altta bulunan "P" butonuna basmalısın.
Adım 3: Power Up Store’a girdikten sonra "Recharge N Points" sekmesine tıklamalısın.
Adım 4: Knight Online tekrar giriş yapmanı isteyeceği için ID ve şifreni girerek devam edebilirsin.
Adım 5: Prepaid Card ESN seçiminin ardından "Plase enter NTT ESN code here." kısmına almış olduğun ESN kodunu kopyala-yapıştır yaparak girebilirsin.

ESN Cash ile PUS (Power Up Store)’dan Neler Alabilirsin?

Premium Potion MP 192 Npts
Premium Potion HP 192 Npts
Genie Hammer 99 Npts
Clan Name Change Scroll 399 Npts
Special Monster Staff 240 Npts
Dragon Scale 400 Npts
Menicias Official List Coupon 360 Npts
150 Defense+ Scroll(S) 49 Npts
1500 Health+ Scroll(L) 149 Npts
1000 Health+ Scroll(L) 99 Npts
500 Health+ Scroll(L) 49 Npts
300 Defense+ Scroll(L) 149 Npts
150 Defense+ Scroll(L) 79 Npts
Speed+ Potion 79 Npts
Attack Damage+ Scroll 159 Npts
Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(L) 229 Npts
Power of Lion Scroll(Stat)(S) 129 Npts
STR+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 169 Npts
STR+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 69 Npts
HP+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 159 Npts
HP+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 69 Npts
DEX+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 169 Npts
DEX+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 69 Npts
INT+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 69 Npts
INT+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 29 Npts
MP+ Scroll(Stat)(L) 69 Npts
60% Re-Spawn Scroll 69 Npts
Teleportation Item 99 Npts
Duration Item 59 Npts
Monster Summon Staff 249 Npts
MP+ Scroll(Stat)(S) 39 Npts
Tears of Karivdis 400 Npts
Symbol of Gladiator 109 Npts
Symbol of Warrior 109 Npts
Voucher for Magic Bag 89 Npts
Chaos Map Coupon 35 Npts
Ancient Text 25 Npts
Voucher for a Pathos Glove 249 Npts
Voucher for Automatic Pet 248 Npts
2000 Health+ Scroll 249 Npts
Scroll of Armor 350 249 Npts
Cuff Binder Pet 299 Npts
Familiar Name Change 349 Npts
Merchant Concentration 159 Npts
Symbol of Growth 249 Npts
Giga Hammer Pet 349 Npts
HP Scroll 60% 299 Npts
Hyper Noah Scroll 149 Npts
Magpie (El Morad) 289 Npts
Magpie (Karus) 289 Npts
Gold Dragon Egg 180 Npts
Voucher for 100 Health Potions 49 Npts
Voucher for 100 Magic Potions 49 Npts
Voucher for 300 Health Potions 89 Npts
Voucher for 300 Magic Potions 89 Npts
Red Potion 9 Npts
Blue Potion 9 Npts
HP Maestro Voucher 200 Npts
MP Maestro Voucher 200 Npts
VIP Vault Key (30 Days) 349 Npts
Arrange Line 349 Npts
Seal Exchange Voucher 79 Npts
Medium Level Seal Exchange 379 Npts
Dragon Box 280 Npts
Spirit of Genie[10 ea] 149 Npts
Menissiah Transform 249 Npts
Hera Transform Scroll(Karus) 249 Npts
Hera Transform Scroll(El Morad) 249 Npts
Patrick Transform 149 Npts
Cougar Transform 149 Npts
Appearance Change 125 Npts
Yeniceri Helmet 349 Npts
Gryphon Helmet 349 Npts
Valkyrie Helmet 349 Npts
Crisis (El Morad) 289 Npts
Ibex(Karus) 289 Npts