Product Unit Price Quantity Price
1.875 WolfTeam Nakit 

5.90 TL 0.00 TL
3.850 WolfTeam Nakit  

11.80 TL 0.00 TL
8.000 WolfTeam Nakit  

23.60 TL 0.00 TL
12.250 WolfTeam Nakit  

35.40 TL 0.00 TL
21.250 WolfTeam Nakit  

59.00 TL 0.00 TL
35.000 WolfTeam Nakit 

94.40 TL 0.00 TL
45.000 WolfTeam Nakit 

118.00 TL 0.00 TL

Gunbound, is a classic strategical turn-based game where players choose from 28 unique mobile artillery machines and shoot their way to victory.

Softnyx's Gunbound is an artillery strategy game where players take turns firing their Mobiles to destroy enemies. Each Mobile artillery machine, commonly called Bots, has three moves and a unique way of firing. Players must move, use items, aim, and fire to take advantage of terrain and weather in order to claim victory. Gunbound offers 28 different Bots, five modes, and in-depth avatar customization. Visit the Shop for items such as battle items, gear, and pets. Other features include a guild system, an enchant-jewel-level system, and custom-made game rooms. Cute 2D graphics with 3D maps bring to life the raging battles on Gunbound's planet of Lond.

Gunbound Key Features:

Factoring In Weather – maps come with different weather factors that players must take into account when moving, aiming, and firing.
Character Customization – equip your avatar with not just stat-boosting gear, but with cosmetic gear as well to set yourself apart.
Various Mobile Machines – choose from 28 Bots, each with their unique moves  and ways of firing.
Five Different Game Modes – keep things entertaining by playing different modes, like Tag, where players have two Bots and can switch between them.
Create or Join a Guild – play together with others in a guild to acquire points and rank.