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Gladiatus Crazy Addon is a browser extension (add-on), a small program that runs in your favorite browser.

Gladiatus Crazy Addon enchants a popular browser game called "Gladiatus" (made by Gameforge). It makes changes in the game so you can move around faster and adds new features in order to make it better. In other words, GCA improves your gaming experience!

People love GCA because it gives them what the game lacks. This is because GCA integrates into the game ideas coming directly from its players!



Gameforge 3 Euro'luk E-Pin    30 Yakut     7,41
Gameforge 10 Euro'luk E-Pin    110 Yakut     24,70
Gameforge 25 Euro'luk E-Pin    425 Yakut     61,75
Gameforge 50 Euro'luk E-Pin    1,050 Yakut     123,50
Gameforge 100 Euro'luk E-Pin    2,600 Yakut     247,00