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Fortnite is a free-to-play 3D co-op survival game with brightly colored graphics where players scavenge resources by day and fend of waves of enemies at night. It also includes a 100 player Battle Royale mode that is substantially more popular than the co-op mode.

Fortnite was initially supposed to be Epic Games' foray into the world of sandbox survival games. Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead. Players gather resources during the day and build forts, lay down traps, and craft weapons to fend off waves of zombies during the night. Fortnite quickly changed its focus after the breakout success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and added a free to play Battle Royale mode which enjoyed immediate and enormous success, making it one of the biggest games in the Western world within months of release. Like other Battle Royale games players must quickly locate weapons to defend themselves and fight to be the last man standing. Fortnite differentiates itself from other games in the genre with its unique building mechanics which allow players to make forts and other structures to protect themselves during skirmishes.

Fortnite Key Features:

Battle Royale - The reason we're all here! A free to play 100 man Battle Royale with fast paced gameplay and a touch of resource gathering/base building!

Unique Building Mechanics - gather wood, stone, and iron and use them to craft forts, barricades, and other structures to gain an edge during combat.

No Loot Boxes - All cosmetics can be purchased outright!

Production Value – unique art style, high frame rate, and smooth gameplay.

Just Survive PvE Game Mode – Co-op gameplay requires players to band together to survive. Both combat and crafting are extremely polished.