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750 puan ( 5 USD Card )  

67.50 TL 0.00 TL
1500 Puan ( 10 USD Card )  

135.00 TL 0.00 TL
7500 puan ( 50 USD Card )  

675.00 TL 0.00 TL
15000 puan ( 100 USD Card )  

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5Street, called highstreet 5 in Asia, is a 3D rhythm-based dancing MMO set in a persistent world where players can dance in one of over a dozen dance halls or in a more traditional lobby-based environment. The game blends rhythm based dancing gameplay with social elements to create a unique experience.

5Street is a rhythm-based dancing MMO inspired by classical rhythm games like Dance Dance revolution and Stepmania. Unlike traditional dancing games like Audition Online, 5Street features a large persistent world where players can dance alone or with each other. The game also has traditional matchmaking through a lobby system. With couple dances, couple interactions, and a marriage system, 5Street features a lot of dating elements within the game. In fact, it's fair to say 5Street emphasizes both dancing and social elements together. In fact, 5Street bills itself as a music dating online game, so the social elements play a big role in the game.

5Street Key Features:

Great Character Customization – hundreds of items available in the game's store to customize your character's wardrobe.

Varied Gameplay – dance competitively against opponents or alone.

Quest, Achievement, and Title systems – keep players motivated to keep coming back.

Tons of Emotes/Player Interactions – kissing, dancing, makes poses, and more.

Leaderboards – highest ranked players are publicly visible in the game's hall of fame area.

Marriage System – players can spend romantic moments with their spouse at their "love cottage."